Still from Grimes 'Genesis' shoot.
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Lux in the Hollywood Hills.
Lindsay channeling Britney.
Tei Shi at her former apartment in Brooklyn.
Tei Shi.
My brother Daniel, in his element.
Ami on a break in Kuala Lumpur.
Grimes on our 'Go' shoot.
Dan Evan's in the Santa Barbara mountains.
Tei Shi in the lower east side.
A man reading at work. Tokyo.
More Grimes on our 'Go' shoot.
Brooke Candy kisses the star on the 'Genesis' shoot.
A portrait of friend and stylist, Theo. Toronto.
Hana Pestle underneath the light. LA.
Brooke Candy wearing Seth Pratt.
Grimes and the desert.
Man buys a toy. Osaka.
A man eats. Osaka.
Friends reached the peak. Santa Barbara.
The last days of the Ridge bowling alley.
Shadowy figure in Osaka.
The last bowl. Vancouver.
Anna and her dune pillows. Channeling Bakshi.
Early morning in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Marilis in Rouen, France.
In between takes.
End of a long day.
Tokimonsta, Sigrid, and Brooke Candy driving at sunset.
Ami preps herself in Manila.
Long walks in Tokyo.
Location scouting from afar.
The last few takes.
Magic in the dunes.
Hero shot.
Grimes and Brooke Candy.
We like desert vistas.
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